Top 10 Blog Posts and Episodes for January 2014

1 Feb

It’s officially February, which means it’s time to let you know what was popular over the last 31 days.

Here are the top 10 episodes:

And here are the top 10 posts (note:  I’ve removed giveaways and polls from the list):

  1. My Superpower and Mini-Interview: James Dashner
  2. Recommended Reads: 2013 Post-Holiday Reading List
  3. The Masks the Monsters Left Behind by Romeo Kennedy (Guest Post)
  4. My Superpower: J. M. McDermott
  5. The World SF Tour: A Comics and Graphic Novel Reading List? by Shaun Duke
  6. Book Review: A DARKLING SEA by James Cambias (by Paul Weimer)
  7. The Disquieting Guest — Some Notes on Gore by David Annandale
  8. Guest Post: “Tackling Other Cultures in Fiction” by Stina Leicht
  9. Series Review: The Split Worlds by Emma Newman (by Paul Weimer)
  10. Mining the Genre Asteroid: Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague De Camp (by Paul Weimer)

If you missed any of this lovely stuff, catch up now!


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