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Adorable lesbian werewolves in love: Moonstruck #1 and #2

25 Sep

Welcome to the latest installment of my comics review column here at Skiffy & Fanty! Every month, I use this space to shine a spotlight on SF&F comics (print comics, graphic novels, and webcomics) that I believe deserve more attention from SF&F readers.

This month, I’d like to focus on the first two issues of a new ongoing comics series, Moonstruck #1 and 2. (This review contains spoilers!)

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Book Review: All Good Things by Emma Newman

20 Sep

I was introduced to the writing and the work of Emma Newman by means of Between Two Thorns, an urban fantasy novel. I don’t normally read much urban fantasy as a general rule, but I was taken by the small stories Newman wrote in support of the novel and that world, and by the writer herself when she came all the way from the U.K. to attend a local convention here in Minneapolis. I was enchanted by her writing and her personality, and resolved to read all of her work henceforth.

That decision led me to read more of the Split Worlds, as the series has come to be called,  so I read Any Other Name and All is Fair, the second and third books in the series. When Newman, in conjunction with her husband, started Tea and Jeopardy, what is now a Hugo award-winning podcast, I started consuming that as well. Other writing efforts took the author’s time, and I started to read those wonderful SF efforts as well. Continue reading

Signal Boost #18: Michael J. Martinez (MJ-12: Shadows) and Patrick Hester (Samantha Kane: Into the Fire)

12 Sep

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Michael J. Martinez, author of The Daedaelus Trilogy, joins Paul to talk about the second book of his Majestic-12 trilogy, MJ-12: Shadows. They discuss how truth is crazier than fiction and how that led to Mike writing a secret history instead of an alternate history.

Then Patrick Hester, a Hugo award winning podcaster and Skiffy and Fanty Arch-Nemesis, joins Jen to talk about his urban fantasy novel, Samantha Kane: Into the Fire. They talk about how Patrick found the voice of Samantha Kane and how Into the Fire sets itself apart from most urban fantasy with its focus on family relationships.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Book Review: STEEL VICTORY and STEEL MAGIC by J.L. Gribble

28 Jul

This Sunday I featured Steel Blood for my first offering in the ‘A Book By Its Cover’ series of humorous fake reviews. I haven’t yet read this third volume in J.L. Gribble’s Steel Empires series, but I have read the first two novels, Steel Victory and Steel Magic. Seems the perfect time to write real reviews on them. Continue reading

Book Review: The Masked City, By Genevieve Cogman

2 Mar


Universe-traversing Librarian Irene Adler and her assistant the dragon prince  Kai return in The Masked City, second in The Invisible Library series following the titular volume in the series. After settling themselves in the Quasi Victorian world of airships, Fey nobles and derring-do, Irene’s life is, if not precisely stable and uneventful, at least predictable. Find rare books for the library in this alternate London, dodge machinations of local villains, spar with her bête noire, and get into adventure after adventure. Routine, right? Continue reading

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