341. NaNoWriMo — A Discussion w/ Cat Rambo, Nicky Drayden, and C.B. Lee

20 Nov

Chaos, crap, and community, oh my! Paul is joined by Elizabeth Fitzgerald, the newest member of the Skiffy and Fanty Team, to talk to the wonderful Cat Rambo, Nicky Drayden, and C.B. Lee about National Novel Writing Month! The group discuss their experiences with NaNoWriMo, including how they first got involved, what processes they use to stay focused on the goal, and how accessible NaNoWriMo is for diverse communities. Make sure you stay to the end for their pep talks! You can do this!

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Here’s the episode (show notes are below): Continue reading


#PollMondays: How excited are you for The Last Jedi?

20 Nov

We’re excited about the upcoming Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, and because we’re excited, we have to ask our listeners/readers what they think.

So, here’s the poll. Answer wisely!

Book Review: New Reality by Jessica Payseur

19 Nov

New Reality by Jessica Payseur is a sweet and sensual gay romance that warms the heart.  It’s a relatively fast read at just under 50 pages, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’d classify this novella as more of a romance that is sci-fi adjacent, but I enjoyed reading it for the characters and their love story.  With well-timed tension and a slight danger factor (this is mostly in space, after all), Payseur sets the stakes in her universe and follows through with them.  Her character-driven love story with a squee-worthy ending is worth a read.  It is NSFW at times, so you may want to be wary of anyone reading over your shoulder. Continue reading

The Intersection: Ghosts in the Genre Machine

16 Nov

The other day I heard a rumor about DC’s future plans for Wonder Woman that really pissed me off: the writers are considering ‘shipping Wonder Woman with Bruce Wayne. On the surface, that sounds harmless enough—that is, until you consider this thing called “context.” With that in mind, I’m going to make an unambiguous statement.

Repeatedly demonstrating via story (in media and literature) that women are not complete beings without being in a relationship with a man is damaging. It props up patriarchal narratives on the non-value of women. It reduces them to one fate: being the property of a man. Continue reading

Book Review: Three Neo-Lovecraftian novellas from Tor.com Publishing

15 Nov

In the last two years, Tor.Com’s publishing division has been publishing novellas and novels engaging with elements of Lovecraft’s Mythos. With the body of Lovecraft’s work outside of copyright or at least in dispute, the Mythos has proven a fertile ground in recent years for authors who want to explore Lovecraft, react to it, make it their own.
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