334. Bisexuality in SFF — A Discussion w/ Cat Rambo, Cecilia Tan, and Matt Weiteska

18 Sep

Unicorn ninjas, terminology, and David Bowie, oh my! Cat Rambo, Cecilia Tan, and Matt Weiteska join Julia Rios and Alex Acks to discuss Bisexuality in SFF. To accidentally celebrate Bisexual Visibility Month, our hosts and amazing guests discuss how important positive representation was to them in discovering their own sexuality, the difficulty in portraying bisexuality without succumbing to the tropes, what terminology to use when writing about bisexual characters, and what they hope to see in the future.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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#PollMondays: Which upcoming movie are you most excited to see?

18 Sep

It’s that time again. You know the drill. VOTE!

Fabulous and Free in SFF: Fictional. Queer. Here.

17 Sep

Hello everyone!  I’m Becca, the new intern for Skiffy & Fanty!  Long story short, I’m ecstatic to be a part of this amazing community and to lend my own voice to it.  I’m happy to announce that I’ll be writing a few articles about the LGBT+ community within science-fiction and fantasy, and it starts here!  

A significant aspect of these articles is the use of the word “queer,” which has been debated for years within the community.  For me, reclaiming the word has been an important part of my own identity, and is one way I can describe myself and others in this context without fear.  Here at the Skiffy and Fanty Show, we’re on our own journey to represent all of the wonderful people in the LGBT+ community, and we feel that using “queer” as an identifier is a more inclusive and supportive way to do so.  Check out this article from Pride.com for more information! Continue reading

SEA Quest: A SG Writer’s Thoughts about ASEAN Lit

16 Sep

SFF in ASEAN Writing

Who am I?

I write science fiction (mostly) and YA.  And things in between.

What draws me to science fiction and YA?

I like the genre. Science fiction is a genre. YA is the target audience, not a genre. I like science fiction because you can imagine worlds. You can write about werewolves in space and fantastic space battles. It’s basically what-ifs and futures and what kind of futures you want to see. Science fiction is visionary; it opens eyes and broadens horizons. It makes you think. It makes you travel through space and time. It has enormous potential for change.

YA? I teach and I like teaching. My students happen to fall within this category. It talks about an interesting and not-so-easy time: the teenage years. Continue reading

Guest Post by Stephanie Burgis: Alternate History: Taking a New Path

15 Sep

I love historical fantasy, both as a reader and a writer – which won’t surprise anyone who’s read any of my first five novels. Three of them (forming the Kat, Incorrigible trilogy) were frothy, fun MG adventures set in Regency England; two of them (Masks and Shadows and Congress of Secrets) were dark, romantic adult fantasies set at different historical points in the Habsburgs’ Austro-Hungarian empire.

My first three MG novels and my first two adult novels have been very different in tone from each other, but there was one thing all five of those novels had in common: They all approached historical fantasy as a secret history, in which magic worked discreetly behind the scenes of our real history books. (For instance, the opera house at Eszterháza Palace really did burn down in the historical year I wrote about in Masks and Shadows – but in reality, I very much doubt it was burned down by an act of dark alchemy! Or at least…that certainly wasn’t the official explanation that landed in any of the history books I read. 😉 )
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