Book Review: No Good Dragon Goes Unpunished by Rachel Aaron

22 Sep hs3cover

The reward for a job well done, is another job. Or another challenge, anyway. Julius Heartstriker has defeated his mother, Bethesda, head of the Heartstriker Clan. Instead of killing her, as a Dragon would be expected to, he has simply defanged her, and proposed a power-sharing arrangement for a council, not an autarch, to rule his clan. This is rather unprecedented for dragons, where might makes right is a way of life. Julius can propose a council, but actually getting his siblings and his mother to go along with this plan is nothing but trouble. And given the large size of the Heartstrikers clan, bringing everyone back to the homestead to meet for this council is a recipe for intrigue…or disaster. Continue reading

Book Review: Mechanical Failure by Joe Zieja

15 Sep 51VfTha7AvL


Sergeant R Wilson Rogers, having given up a cushy berth in the make-work peacetime military fleet to try his hand at the profitable world of smuggling, finds himself dragged back into the military when it turns out that interstellar smuggling isn’t as easy as it seems. Fortunately, he can even get back into his old unit, the 331st. The bad news is that, even in the relatively short time since he has been gone, the military has gone even more around the bend. And only Sergeant Rogers seems capable or aware enough to try and stop an interstellar war and a robot uprising at the same time, despite his tendency toward indolent laziness. Like it or not, Rogers is going to have to do some real work for a change. The Two Hundred Years Peace is riding on it.

Continue reading

#51. Suicide Squad (2016) — A Shoot the WISB Subcast

12 Sep suicide-squad

Will Smith, mallets, and boomerang weirdos, oh my!  Shaun, Rachael, and Paul join forces to discuss the latest addition to the DC Cinematic Universe, Suicide Squad.  We offer our thoughts about the film’s plot, Jared Leto’s Joker, the new characters in the cinematic universe, and even the kinds of music we think each character would listen to!

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Here’s the episode (show notes are below): Continue reading

#50. Ghostbusters (2016) — A Shoot the WISB Subcast

9 Sep ghosbusters

Dancing Hemsworths, ghostly manbabies, and science-y ladies, oh my!  It’s finally here!  Our Ghostbusters special!  We discuss the film’s major themes, the new characters, WOMEN, ghosts, just who this Rowan North character is, and so much more!

(As mentioned in the episode, we re-recorded our review due to a software failure.  That also explains the reason it took so long to get to you!)

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Here’s the episode (show notes are below): Continue reading

Book Review: Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? by Paul Cornell

8 Sep


From Football through Jack the Ripper, Paul Cornell’s first two Shadow Police novels, London Falling and The Severed Streets, have winningly married the police procedural with events in a secret supernatural world in London that impinge on the ordinary world, in tones of horror and urban fantasy. The Urban Fantasy trope of someone discovering the secret supernatural world is old hat, especially in a city like London. However, it took Paul Cornell to get the idea of not only having police officers make the accidental discovery, but to then have them launch full bore into that world with the tools that made and make them effective in our world — the tools of police investigation.

The third Shadow Police novel, tells you all you need to know with the title: Who Killed Sherlock Holmes? Sherlock Holmes, or worse, his ghost has been murdered. WhoKilledSherlockHolmes_CoverHow do you murder a ghost? And why do you murder a ghost? These are excellent questions that James Quill and his team face. They’ve got a bit of a reputation, now, you see, in the Metropolitan Police department, and weird stuff is brought to them as much as they go out and look for it. And so Qwill and his team are put through the wringer, and through often painful and very believable character change and growth as they pursue this latest mystery — as well as other things. Elements of the supernatural underground of London are becoming more and more aware of Qwill’s team and their impact on their world. Cornell’s world is a dynamic one, and they understandably react to this. Continue reading

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