183. Douglas Lain (a.k.a. Le Révolutionnaire) — Billy Moon (An Interview)

27 Dec

Magical realism, France, and revolutions, oh my!  Author Douglas Lain joins Shaun, Stina, and David to discuss his new magical realist novel, Billy Moon.  We cover 1968 France, the world of politics and genre, Winnie the Pooh, and so much more!

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Here’s the episode (show notes are below):

Episode 183 — Download (MP3)

Billy Moon by Douglas Lain

Show Notes:

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Our new intro music is “Time Flux” by Revolution Void (CC BY 3.0).  Additional music from “Coffin Ships” by (Peter DiPhillips) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for listening.  See you next week.

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