Announcement: Live Recording of Episode #202 (Torture Cinema Meets Highlander II: the Quickening)

24 Apr

Swords, first time flyers, and overacting, oh my!  In our 2nd ever live-recording, the crew (Jen and Julia) are joined by Michael J. Martinez to tear apart Highlander II: the Quickening (1991).  This month’s movie was selected by Mike as part of Shaun’s Worldcon fundraiser (the 5th Milestone Perk).

All Torture Cinema episodes come with a skit.  Since we’re recording live, the skit will be a teaser for the mp3 version.  If you want to hear us do impressions of Sean Connery or what have you, you’ll be able to DL the mp3 from the main feed on this blog when it is released on April 30th. 2014.

Feel free to join us at 10 PM EST on April 25th, 2014 (Friday).  The Q&A function will be turned on; your comments and questions are more than welcome!


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