Coming Soon: Episode 200…LIVE!

14 Apr

That’s right.  To celebrate our 200th episode, we’re going to record it LIVE on Google+/YouTube.  That means you’ll get to listen to and/or watch us act like crazy people for several hours, which we all know will be a lot of fun, right?

When and where?  Monday, April 21st at 6:30-8:30 PM EST (we will post here and Tweet a link to the YouTube stream as soon as it goes live; the time is arbitrary and may be slightly short or slightly longer depending on need)

What should you expect?  Celebrating 200 episodes, a world sf discussion, and a trivia game!

What can you do?  You can watch the live episode, for one.  And you can share the news!  You can also submit trivia questions via this form (please read it before submitting)

Put it on your calendar!

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One Response to “Coming Soon: Episode 200…LIVE!”


  1. We’re Nominated for a Hugo Award! | The Skiffy and Fanty Show - April 19, 2014

    […] P.S.:  Don’t forget that we’re hosting our 200th episode live on Monday!  Details here. […]

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