A Darkling Sea has a tie-in blog!

28 Jan

Last week, Paul Weimer reviewed A Darkling Sea by James Cambias. It turns out the good folks at Tor have more to offer than just the book:

We at Tor have done something a little extra for A Darkling Sea and created tie-in websites for readers to engage with. IlmatarMission.com is a prop website for the “United Nations Interstellar Cooperation Agency” which features in Cambias’s novel. The website includes information on the space mission, aliens, and characters of A Darkling Sea as well as a link to the personal blog of one of the characters. We believe this will be an exciting opportunity for fans to learn more about the universe Cambias created. Starting on January 28th we will begin posting a series of “log entries” from both the station and one of the characters.

January 28th? That’s today! Click on the link above or the banner below to go check out the Ilmatar Mission website!

Darkling Sea Banner


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