Update: Blog and Podcast Feed Changes!

10 Dec

I’ve attached a brief audio explanation for the feed changes for our blog.  This is to make sure folks who are subscribed to the old feed will get the update, as the following things have changed:

  1. I have split the podcast feed from the regular blog feed to facilitate iTunes’ rules.
  2. That means there are two feeds:  one associated with iTunes (which is the feed most of you are subscribed to; this feed now only includes media items) and a new feed which includes all content.

Why did I do this?  Simple.  The way iTunes works is it recognizes every item in the RSS feed as a “post.”  However, it only adds to its own feed those items which contain media elements.  If we have 3 podcasts and 7 posts over the course of a week or something, it will only recognize the podcasts, but count the posts against the “total.”  This means that our iTunes feed will show considerably less content in podcast form than we actually have.  Why?  I don’t know.  That’s just how things work.

And that means anyone who reads this blog, rather than subscribes via iTunes, will have to update their feed.  If you look to the right, you’ll see two RSS feeds (Full Feed and Email) and the iTunes feed.  If you don’t use iTunes (or you use both so you can read the posts), you’ll need to update your feed to the new one there.  Just click the link and update what you’ve got.

And that’s it.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Hopefully it won’t be too big of a deal for everyone.

Thanks for listening.  Have a great holiday!


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