This Katamari Feels Scientifashionable!

10 Nov

(That’s probably because you’ve rolled up some weird outfits!)

It seems Fashion is on the old SFnal brain lately, and I enjoy a good sartorial debate as much as … well, as much as the average person, at least. Which is to say, not enough to follow Project Runway, but enough to relish a well-rounded and amusing critique of pageantry at least. And what can be more fun than the meeting of SF and couture?

Angry Trousers: So, Tansy Rayner Roberts won best fan writer at the Hugo Awards this year, and it’s pretty much because she’s awesome. I love her blog because she’s intelligent and passionate about genre, and she posts things like this list of 25 awesome urban fantasies, AKA The Angry Trousers Treatise. I love the idea of women in angry trousers as a catch all term for a certain subset of urban fantasy. Even before I read the treatise, I knew exactly what those trousers would look like. Leather,  probably black, but maybe red, worn by a woman whose defining trait is ass-kicking. But! It turns out there’s also a whole other possibility I hadn’t thought of. Witness:

The Wrong Trousers: It’s natural to jump from angry to wrong, isn’t it? I’d like to know what the Meerkat Comparison man would do if the angriest trousers he ordered turned out to be Wallace’s wrong Trousers. I am also now imagining a meerkat with a glove on its head, pretending to be an evil chicken.


One Nation, Under Bots: Okay, so apparently this week was the Miss Universe contest. Normally this sort of thing slips right past me, but not this year. I know, I know, you’re wondering what’s so SFnal about a beauty pageant, right? Two things! One, SF writer Genevieve Valentine offers AMAZING commentary, and two, if you actually look at that whole post, you will notice that Miss USA is dressed as a Transformer. As the US national costume. What the!?!?!? I had no idea that Miss Universe was quite this weird.

Miss USA Transformer

Fashion It So: Have you ever sat down to watch Star Trek: TNG reruns and wondered what was going on with the fashions? You are not alone! Fashion It So is a tumblr devoted to dissecting TNG’s wardrobe. Here’s one episode breakdown from season two just to get you started.

How Science Fiction Fashion Has Changed: Finally, I leave you with an article from The Guardian about changing SFnal fashion. Yeah, it’s hard to predict what’s going to take off. I agree. But deep down, I think we all know that these Star Trek hoodies from Think Geek will ALWAYS be in fashion.


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