Flick Bits: Darkover to Hollywood! (Marion Zimmer Bradley)

17 Feb

From CominSoon.net:

Producers Ilene Kahn Power and Elizabeth Stanley have secured the rights to Marion Zimmer Bradley’s renowned “Darkover” novels and are currently developing a multi-platform television series around the saga, the pair announced today.

A gifted and prolific science-fiction and fantasy writer, Bradley, who garnered the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2000, was the author of over 66 books and 105 short stories.

More good news, right?  Of course, this news is far from the real news we want to see:  Darkover to the screen!  But it’s a big jump in the right direction!  Marion Zimmer Bradley is one of the most important authors in SF/F and one who well deserves a debut on our television screens.  Let’s hope this comes true!

And Darkover does seem to be in good hands:  Ilene Kahn Power is perhaps best known for producing TV Movies and miniseries, such as TrafficGia, Buffalo Soldiers, and Roswell.  Elizabeth Stanley produced The Dark Path Chronicles and Trailers From Hell.  We wish them all the success in the world for bringing this to the small screen!

ComingSoon.net has some quotes from Power and Stanley, which might be of interest to you all, in part because they demonstrate a certain love for the books on the part of the now-producers.  I think it takes a bit of love to make something like this work, don’t you?


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