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The 2017 Charity Fundraiser for Human Rights Watch: Make Us Review Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) for a Good Cause!

4 May

For the next two months, we will be raising $500 for Human Rights Watch for the opportunity to entertain our listeners! HRW have done some amazing work, and we’re happy to contribute to their mission by subjecting ourselves to bad movies!

Here are the full details: Continue reading

2017 Patreon Updates: New Page and New Goals

30 Mar

We said on Twitter a while back that some changes were coming to The Skiffy and Fanty universe. The first of those changes is our Patreon page. This post is all about what we changed.

To our current Patreon supporters, we offer a hearty thanks! Hopefully, our new goals and updated supporter levels will keep you with us for the next 10,000 years!

New (Updated) Supporter Levels

For the most part, our supporter levels are the same. We did reduce the number of levels and make each “perk” more cohesive. Here’s what to expect:

  • $1 and up:  Stay Frosty!
    Supporters at the $1 will be thanked in every way that we possibly can, with a special page on our website, twitter announcements AND during a recording!
  • $3 and up:  Apotheosis
    At $3 and up, you get access to an exclusive monthly email which will include news about what we’re doing and our upcoming episodes! Plus everything from the lower levels!
  • $5 and up:  You’re Welcome Citizen
    Pledge $5 per month and you’ll get access to our podcasts at least one week before everyone else! Not to mention everything from the lower tiers! Because we love you.
  • $10 and up:  Awkward Ending
    Once a year, you’ll get a copy of THE ROBOGOBLIN GAZETTE! This super special zine will include content from our hosts and blog contributors! And if we hit our goals, this zine gets SUPER CHARGED! PLUS you’ll get everything from our lower levels!

We expect these to stay this way for a while, though new levels might be added in the future.

New Goals

The biggest change to our Patreon is in the form of goals. We wanted to make our goals more direct and manageable so they would serve the broader vision for this show and its affiliates. These are the new goals:

  • $50/month:  New Hosting, New Site
    If the Skiffy and Fanty Show can hit $50 a month with your support, we will FINALLY be able to have our own web-host containing all of our content! This would give us a great deal more power and flexibility and help us begin our path to WORLD DOMINATION!
  • $150/month:  New Patron-only Show
    At this level, the Skiffy and Fanty Show will be able to add a new show EXCLUSIVELY for our Patreon patrons! We don’t know what it will be about yet, but someone did mention a musical*, just sayin’.

    *Contents not guaranteed.  (Note:  We’ll likely get listener input on this! We have some ideas already…)

  • $250/month:  Robogoblin Gazette, Semi-prozine Joyfest
    At this level, the Skiffy and Fanty Show Robogoblin Gazette becomes a semi-prozine, allowing us to include spec-fic content such as short stories, poems, and art, paid for at pro-rates.
  • $2000/month:  Party Time!
    At this massive stretch goal, you make our Skiffy and Fanty Dreams come true. Currently, not all of our members can attend cons, much less all of us together in one space and time*. However, if we can reach this level, EVERYONE on the team will be able to attend one North American SFF Convention and throw A GIANT PARTY that all of our patrons are invited to attend!!*This may result in the end of the universe.**
    **Probably not, but it would be epic.

And there you have it. If you have any questions or comments about any of the above, feel free to email us at skiffyandfanty[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you want to help us reach these goals, please consider becoming a supporter on Patreon!

2017 Awards Season (Hugos, etc.): All the Eligible Things from a Year of Skiffy and Fanty!

30 Jan

Last year, we were honored to have many incredible authors, bloggers, and others, either on the show or posting guest blog posts on our page and we love being able to share their work with you. Many of our guests and our members are eligible for awards so we hope you’ll take a minute to go over this list, just to make sure you don’t miss anything when you do your nominations (eta: the Hugo nominations aren’t due until March so you have plenty of time to get reading)! Continue reading

New Digs: Transcripts of Podcast Episodes!

29 Jan

In an effort to make our podcast more accessible, Jen has kindly offered to transcribe some of our episodes for those who cannot listen to podcasts or prefer the written format.

The following episodes have officially been transcribed:


  • Episode 313: Looking Back, Moving Forward: Anticipating 2017


More episodes will be transcribed in the future. We’ll announce those transcriptions on this blog and on our Twitter account.

In the meantime, enjoy the episodes we already have on offer!

CONvergence Ho! Call for Interviewees (Fans, Creators, Everyone!)

14 Jun

In less than a month, Paul Weimer, Mike Underwood, and Shaun Duke will be at CONvergence in Minneapolis, the City of Flower and Sawdust, the City of Lakes, the Mini Apple, one half of the Twin Cities.  Woo!

A few years ago, we conducted over a dozen interviews and discussions at CONvergence using a handy portable recorder and a partially reconstituted talking gerbil.  We’d like to do something similar again in 2016!  That’s where you come in.

If you’re a fan, a creator (author, comic artist, whatever), or something else entirely, we’d like to talk to you!  And that means you have to send us an email (skiffyandfanty[at]gmail[dot]com) with the subject line “CONvergence Podcast.”  Here’s what we’re planning to record:

Interviews with Fans

One of Shaun’s interests is talking to sf/f fans about their fan-ness.  How did you become a fan?  What are your earliest fannish memories?  What books or movies affected your life?  If you’re a fan and would like to be interviewed, let us know!

Interviews with Creators (Writers, Artists, Filmmakers, Podcasters)

This would seem to be the most obvious of the three.  If you’re a creator of some kind, we’d like to talk to you about your creative endeavors.  We’ve interviewed authors, comic artists, filmmakers, and other podcasters.  There are all sorts of categories of creators out there, so if you make something, whether it’s a book or costumes, we’d love to chat about you and your work!

Discussions on Various SF/F Topics w/ Anyone

Got an sf/f topic you’d like to talk about?  A movie you want to discuss?  Let us know!  We’re interested in setting up a few discussion sessions with creators and fans.  Send us your suggestions, too!

See you at CONvergence!

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