Around the Podosphere #14: Podcasts of Note for 7/22/17

22 Jul


A new issue has arrived! In the 14th edition, we share a whole lot of movie discussions, from Wonder Woman to Spider-Man: Homecoming, some weird facts and science debates, and other podcast wonders.

We hope you find something new to listen to! Here we go:

Books and Stories




  • Over at Imaginary Worlds, Eric Molinsky profiles EVE Online, examining why people invest so much time in the game and much more! Shaun is super excited about this one!

History, Conspiracies, Science! and Weirdness

And there you have it.

What have you been listening to? Let us know in the comments!


One Response to “Around the Podosphere #14: Podcasts of Note for 7/22/17”


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