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#PollMondays: What is your favorite Skiffy and Fanty feature?

13 Nov

This is a teaser of things to come. We won’t tell you what we’re teasing, just that we’re teasing.

So, go on, vote your heart out!


#PollMondays: What is the best writing companion?

6 Nov

Dogs, cats, elephants, oh my! Everyone has a slightly different opinion on which animal companion is best for the writing environment, so we decided to create a totally scientific poll to find out which animal the majority prefer.

So have at it. Vote.

#PollMondays: Which media franchise do you enjoy reading the most?

23 Oct

Another week, another poll! This week, we’re curious about your reading habits. So get that clicker finger ready and vote!

#PollMondays: Which fantasy animal companion would you want on your quest?

16 Oct

You know the drill. It’s time for another poll, which means it’s time for you to vote! 🙂

#PollMondays: How much would you pay for a remastered *original* Star Wars trilogy?

9 Oct

Fans have been asking for re-releases of the original theatrical versions of the Star Wars trilogy since the invention of the DVD. Aside from a couple of obscure, lower quality releases, we’ve yet to have our dreams fulfilled. Some of us would be willing to pay good money for these original films.

Enter this week’s poll. You know the drill. Vote!

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