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Signal Boost #28: Claudie Arseneault (City of Spires Trilogy) and Brandon O’Brien

5 Dec

In today’s episode of Signal Boost, Jen talks to Claudie Arseneault about her work, including the recently released second book of the City of Spires trilogy, City of Betrayal. They discuss the mosaic narrative of City of Spires, found families, the solar punk genre and her first book, Viral Airwaves, and what inspired Claudie to create the Aromantic and Asexual Speculative Fiction Database.

Then Brandon O’Brien, speculative poet and poetry editor, joins Shaun to talk about what draws him to poetry as a medium, his classical and local influences, how he explores the African diaspora from a Caribbean perspective in his work, and about FIYAH Magazine and what he looks for in a good speculative fiction poem.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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My Superpower: Aidan Doyle

23 Nov

My Superpower is a regular guest column on the Skiffy and Fanty blog where authors and creators tell us about one weird skill, neat trick, highly specialized cybernetic upgrade, or other superpower they have, and how it helped (or hindered!) their creative process as they built their project. Today we welcome Aidan Doyle.

My superpower is reading the air.

I taught English in Japan for 4 years and I once heard my students referring to someone who was KY. I learned this meant kuuki yomenai — literally unable to read the air. Unable to read the unspoken messages others are trying to convey. Unable to grasp the context of the situation.

My Japanese co-workers would often ask me for advice about how to phrase something in English. They pointed out to me that my answer was often “it depends.” So much depends on context. Sam Sommers’ book, Situation Matters: Understanding How Context Transforms Your World, examines this topic in more detail, especially the idea of how much of our behavior is dependent on circumstances. “We’re easily seduced by the notion of stable character. So much of who we are, how we think, and what we do is driven by the situations we’re in, yet we remain blissfully unaware of it.”

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