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Interview with Zachary Jernigan (conducted by Paul Weimer)

1 Mar

Zachary Jernigan is a quarter-Hungarian, typically shaven-headed male writer of fantasy and science fiction. His short stories have appeared in a variety of places, including Asimov’s Science Fiction, Crossed Genres, and Escape Pod. No Return, his first novel, comes out March 5th, 2013 from Night Shade Books. He kindly agreed to let Paul Weimer ask him some questions.

No Return by Zachary Jernigan

Paul Weimer:  Who is Zachary Jernigan?

Zachary Jernigan:  Zachary Jernigan is an entrepreneurial mastermind, founder of twelve successful Arizona fried chicken restaurants.

Okay, that’s not even slightly true. Sorry for attempting to deceive you.

I, Zachary (Zack) Jernigan, am not even slightly entrepreneurial, as my bank statements will reveal–though I do like friend chicken. In fact, I like anything fried. You could fry a sock and I’d probably eat it. The proof of this is in my waistline.

When I’m not eating fried foods (and articles of clothing), making playlists on iTunes, or playing Mario Kart, I write science fiction and fantasy, both in the short and long forms. Since 2009, my short stories have appeared in such places as Asimov’s, Crossed Genres, Murky Depths, and Escape Pod. My Continue reading

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