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The Muse of Research: An Interview with Lev Mirov

16 Mar

The Muse of Research is a monthly column in which E. P. Beaumont interviews poets, medievalists, and speculative writers about their research.  This week, E.P. Beaumont talks to Lev Mirov.


E. P. Beaumont: Talk about your nonfictional obsessions! (could be academic training, stuff you like to read about, topics that pique your curiosity)

Lev Mirov: I’ve studied medieval Europe widely, and I have put a lot of time and energy into the history of western magic, folk Christianity, 12th century England, ritual studies, and the relationship between western religion and esotericism and indigenous cultures. In 2011, I wrote an undergraduate thesis on gender and military leadership in 12th c. England and France, and, in 2014, a master’s thesis about magical rituals as expressions of religious life in later medieval England.

I am also learning about the history and culture of Russia and questions of ethnicity and identity in Russia, ballet, New Orleans history and culture, gender and sexuality, psychology and the human mind, religions and spiritualities, the history of medicine, and food as culture.

I do 90% of the household cooking, and have found being gluten and egg intolerant amazing for introducing me to global cuisines and styles of cooking and eating outside the mainstream American paradigm. I am an adventurous gluten-free baker, and am always trying to capture interesting dishes as part of my culinary repertoire. Continue reading

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