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#32. Agent Carter (Episodes 1-4) — A Shoot the WISB Subcast w/ Raven Oak

6 Apr Agent Carter

Clever gadgets, super spies, and awesome 1940s women, oh my!  Our “Women and Non-Binary in SFF” theme continues with this special discussion of the first half of the Agent Carter miniseries.  Raven Oak joins us to talk about the show, its influence, its themes, and all the reasons why it is just plain awesome.

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Spoiler Alert:  the following podcast contains spoilers for the film being reviewed; if you wish to see the film without having it ruined for you, download this podcast and save it for later. Continue reading

Geekomancer Under Glass: Recent Media – March 2015

23 Mar The Walking Dead Season 5

Hello, Skiffy and Fanty crew! It is I, your resident Geekomancer, back from my travels on the internet through memes and gifs and pilots and digital bundles. And this time, I’ve brought back word of recent goings-on in the geekiverse. A TV pilot for an award-nominated comic, a new story for a beloved geek icon, and the latest developments in a cable TV juggernaut. Enjoy!

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Z Nation and “A Chick Thing”

17 Oct Z Nation

While I was counting down the hours before the return of The Walking Dead, I took the opportunity to write down some thoughts about Z Nation. Sure, it’s no Walking Dead, but it does have its moments.


Last weekend, my sister visited, and, among other activities, she took a break from her TV-less lifestyle. After I got to show her the wonderful “Manhattan,” she found that SyFy was starting a four-episode marathon of “Z Nation.”

I had previously caught the last 20 minutes of that show’s premiere, been annoyed by a stupid decision to needlessly pursue a zombie into a clutter-filled deathtrap, and decided just to wait a few weeks for TWD. But my sister wanted to try Z Nation, so we watched for a couple of episodes, and I kept it on after she went to bed. Continue reading

Geekomancer Under Glass – Fall 2014 TV (Part One)

28 Sep Gotham TV show poster

It’s that time of year again — New TV time!

Here’s a short run-down of some early thoughts about the Fall 2014 TV season based on a few pilots and season openers.


Let me start by saying that I’m a big Batman fan. You might already know this. I should also say that I love the comic series, Gotham Central.

Gotham, however, is is not the TV show I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be a Gotham Central show, where GCPD cops try to keep the peace in an un-governable city cursed with larger-than-life villains and a guardian angel who is more terrifying than most of the villains he fights. But it’s not that show, and it’s not trying to be that show — it seems like it’s trying to be the story of Gotham before Batman and the story of the various villains and how they become who they are when Batman emerges. Continue reading

#26. In the Flesh (Season One) — A Shoot the WISB Subcast w/ Catherine Hill

20 Sep

Zombies, race allegories, and disgruntled fathers, oh my!  Shaun, Julia, Paul, and Mike are joined by the lovely Catherine Hill to discuss the first season BBC3’s In the Flesh (you all need to be watching this; no joke).

We hope you enjoy the episode!

Note:  This episode is also one of the perks for Shaun’s World SF Tour fundraiser.  Catherine was selected to participate in an episode; we decided to record it at LonCon3!

Spoiler Alert:  the following podcast contains spoilers for the film being reviewed; if you wish to see the film without having it ruined for you, download this podcast and save it for later.

In the Flesh (BBC3)

Download the episode here.

Show notes (info about our contributors can be found on the about page):

Comment away!

Welcome to Planet Freyja

17 Aug Lucy (2014)

Soooo…. I’m moving all my film and television posts to this site. Because… well… this column has long needed a theme and has suffered for it. I have a difficult enough time thinking of random interesting things to say about stuff for my own blog. I do best when I’ve a central theme to work with. So… Feminism, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Media it is. I don’t feel comfortable discussing fiction because I’m an author, and that brings up conflict of interest issues at once. Films and television? I can talk about those and feel relatively comfortable. So, that’s what I’ll do. I want to go all the way back to some classic films that maybe y’all haven’t seen or thought about in a while. I also want to talk about recent films as well. Hopefully, it’ll be interesting. The ‘title’ is a riff off of a Bloom County cartoon. I like that Freyja is a goddess of love and war which warps the original sexist concept into a nice knot. That said, here goes…


First, I’ve a post about Starz’s Outlander series here. Starz has made the first episode available for free for a short time. So far, they’ve done a great job of adapting the novel. I recommend seeing it. One thing I will say about it that I did not on my blog (at least not on that post) is that I very much like that Claire is of the 1940s. She’s not a woman of the 2000s stuffed in a 1940s world. I also very much like that Jamie isn’t a man of the 2000s stuffed in the 1700s. Gabaldon did her research from what I can tell, and she doesn’t pull punches in Outlander. I hate it when authors decide to rewrite history in order to make it more palatable. At the same exact time I hate it when history is used to say that previous to 1960, all men were sexist barbarian assholes (thank you HBO’s A Game of Thrones). Although some would argue the point with me, I always felt like Diana Gabaldon did a good job of walking that line. I give the first episode five out of five stars. Continue reading

Geekomancer Under Glass – Knights of Sidonia Season One

14 Aug Knights of Sidonia poster

When I saw the announcement that Netflix was going to be the US distributor of the anime for Knights of Sidonia, I was intrigued. I’ve been trying to keep on top of the content wars vis a vis Netflix vs.  Hulu vs. Amazon Prime, etc.

Adapted from a manga series by Tsutomu Nihei, Knights of Sidonia is a space opera that follows a seed ship of human survivors who have left the Earth after its descrution. Reminiscent of Battlestar Galactica, Macross/Robotech, and other stories, it also includes some elements of hard SF that enrich the fairly standard plot.

And this, for me, is the nature of the whole series — very interesting conceptual work and worldbuilding wrapped around a fairly standard, if grim, space opera plot with mecha pilots and giant monster invaders. Continue reading


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