Short and Sublime: January 2015 Round-Up

30 Jan Clarkesworld Issue #100

Short and Sublime is a new column spotlighting great short fiction.


January stories include optimistic sci-fi tales, feminist subversions of problematic tropes in fantasy, and creatures from mythologies both real and imagined.

Michaëlle-Isabelle, Michaëlle-Isabelle,
Don’t get close, or you will smell.
Michaëlle-Isabelle, Michaëlle-Isabelle,
Here she comes, go run and tell.
Michaëlle-Isabelle, Michaëlle-Isabelle,
Her mama casts them voodoo spells.
Michaëlle-Isabelle, Michaëlle-Isabelle,
Take your Haitian tail to Hell!

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249. Introductions: Our Theme and Our Most Anticipated Things in 2015 w/ Renay and Natalie Luhrs

28 Jan

Women, non-binary, and far too many things to love in 2015, oh my!  Natalie Luhrs and Renay join us to talk about our 2015 theme and all the movies, books, TV shows, and comics we’re looking forward to this year.  Well, not all of the things, but certainly a few of them.  Feel free to add your own anticipated things in the comments!

This is just the beginning…

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Here’s the episode (show notes are below):

Episode 249 — Download (MP3)

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Around the Podosphere: Podcasts of Note for 1/25/15

26 Jan

As always, the podcast world is full of interesting things.  Here are some episodes we’ve enjoyed last week:

On Writing:

On Books:

On Movies:

On Conspiracies:

The 2015 “Women and Non-Binary in SFF” Theme Begins: Announcements, Details, and Guest/Author Calls

20 Jan

As you may well be aware by now, we have a new theme in 2015:  Women and Non-Binary in SFF.  This post will serve as a handy guide to our show for the next 11.5 months and as a nice place to go in case you want to be a part of the show or the blog at some point in 2015.

The Theme:  What We’re Doing

Throughout 2015, we are going to put particular focus on the contributions of women and non-binary people to science fiction and fantasy.  The majority of our interviewees, as such, will be women and non-binary; additionally, a good portion of movies, tv, and discussion episodes will be in some way related to this theme.  Though we’re not setting a hard quota for the year, we expect that roughly 75% of our content will be women- and non-binary-centered.

As such, we have two levels of “open calls” for guests: Continue reading

Around the Podosphere: Podcasts of Note for 1/19/15

19 Jan

The holidays are long over, but there’s still time to catch up on some of your favorite podcasts!  Here are some of our favorites from the last week or so:

On Genre:


On Movies:

On Games:

On Comics:

And there you have it.  What are you listening to?

Torture Cinema Poll for January: What should we watch for the 50th Torture?

16 Jan

What’s that?  50 Tortures?  5-0?  That’s right.  January will mark the 50th episode of Torture Cinema.  We’ll make this special somehow…Right.  The poll.  It’s a special poll.  For this special episode, I asked the Internet to pick the five flicks to appear on our poll.

You know the drill.  Vote!

(Sorta) Book Review: Dangerous Games edited by Jonathan Oliver

14 Jan Dangerous Games edited by Jonathan Oliver

(This is a partial review, as I did not read the entire anthology for Reasons*.)

Dangerous Games, edited by Jonathan Oliver, is a 2014 horror and dark fantasy anthology whose stories are united by gaming. The games featured are pretty diverse; I initially thought (for some weird reason) it’d be all western gambling, which I find pretty boring, but not so much. There are games from all over the world, as well as several stories revolving around RPG’s (of course, silly me). Continue reading


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