Book Review: Swords and Scoundrels by Julia Knight

4 Feb 51EIi5KAdLL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_


Vocho and Kasha are duelists, or were, once upon a time. In these less enlightened times, not only are they no longer in the Duellists Guild, the Guild itself isn’t quite the institution it once was, after the fall of a King and the rise of a new order. Vocho and Kasha take whatever jobs they can to survive, and those jobs often involve the liberation of goods and funds from the more well off. However, the problem of being highwaymen is that sometimes you wind up with a cargo far beyond what you bargained for, a cargo that several factions are looking to capture, or destroy, with the fate of cities and even a kingdom in the balance. Now, with such a hot potato, the pasts of Vocho and Kasha seems poised to catch up with their present.

Swords and Scoundrels is the first in the Duellists Trilogy from Julia Knight. Julia Knight, under the name Francis Knight,  is also known for writing the Fade to Black series. Continue reading

Torture Cinema Poll for February 2016: What should we watch next?

1 Feb

The new season begins soon, and that means more Torture Cinema!  We haven’t asked you to vote since before our Childhood Destruction editions of the TC feature.  Now, we’re back to the listener-voted format.

You know the drill.  VOTE!

As always, if you want to suggest a movie for us to discuss on this feature or Shoot the WISB, a topic for general discussion, a guest to include, and so on, you can let us know on our Suggest a Topic page!

2016 Season Begins: Expectations and Suggestions!

19 Jan

The new year is upon us.  Oh, heck, who am I kidding?  It’s been upon us for weeks, and boy is 2016 turning out to be a SF/F tornado of emotion!

The good news is that we’re going to have new episodes soon.  That means more interviews, more discussions, more movies, and more torturous adventures full of drinking, grumpy debate, and merriment!

So, with that in mind, here are a few things to expect from us in 2016: Continue reading

Book Review: COLD IRON by Stina Leicht

15 Jan ColdIronStinaLeicht

High, epic fantasy is perhaps my favorite genre. Yet, its books can easily turn tired and formulaic. Epic fantasy also tends to reach high page counts, both in a given novel and within a giant series, filled with a rich tapestry of characters and world building. But in so doing they can also become bogged-down with superfluous detours and asides. They can balloon into the unmanageable. What I adore about Stina Leicht’s Cold Iron, the first entry in a series entitled The Malorum Gates, is that that she effectively tinkers with many of the genre conventions, merging them with elements more typically stressed in other fiction, while keeping the joy of epic fantasy intact in a hefty read. Continue reading

Book Review: The Ark by Patrick S. Tomlinson

14 Jan 51Dt1lMya5L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_

Bryan Benson is one of the lucky few, one of the 50,000 or so humans left in the universe. A descendant of those who built and escaped on a generation ship fleeing a disaster for Earth undreamed up by even the imagination of Irwin Allen, Benson is an ex-sports hero, and now a detective. On the last bastion of humanity, slowly approaching their goal of Tau Ceti, there isn’t a lot of work for the detective  beyond the usual sort of petty crimes one expects. The margin and tolerance for anything greater just isn’t there when all of the species is in one boat, literally. So, when Benson is handed a missing person case  that may not be a missing person, or even an accidental death, but rather a murder, the ex-sports hero will have to become a different sort of hero.

Continue reading


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