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#PollMondays: Which upcoming movie are you most excited to see?

18 Sep

It’s that time again. You know the drill. VOTE!


#PollMondays: Which of these 80s fantasy movies rules them all?

28 Aug

It’s time for yet another poll!

This time, we’re going to focus on a fantasy question. You know the drill!

#PollMondays: What was the best scifi film of 1999?

21 Aug

It’s that time again:  poll time!

This week, we thought we’d torture you with a poll of some of the biggest films of 1999.

Now it’s up to you. Decide once and for all which of these films was the best of the year. Your vote could decide the fate of the world!

#PollMondays: Which spaceship would you buy at your local dealership?

24 Jul

It’s a new day, which means it’s time for another silly poll!

This week, we’ve got the question of the ages for you:  a spaceship question.

Choose wisely!

#PollMondays: Which of these super people would win in a game of Risk?

10 Jul

We’re rolling out a new thing on the blog. It began as a new thing on our Twitter account:  #PollMondays. People seemed to like it, so we’re going to do more of it!

The premise for today’s poll is simple:  if these super people sat down for a game of Risk, who do you think would win? To make things more interesting, we’ve taken out all of the obvious contenders for smarts and tactics, such as Batman, Professor X, Nick Fury, Brainiac, and basically anyone who can reliably see the future. Instead, we’re giving you big, beefy superheroes — known for their ability to punch other people in the face more than their ability to strategize (mostly).

Vote away!

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