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The 2017 Charity Fundraiser for Human Rights Watch: Make Us Review Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) for a Good Cause!

4 May

For the next two months, we will be raising $500 for Human Rights Watch for the opportunity to entertain our listeners! HRW have done some amazing work, and we’re happy to contribute to their mission by subjecting ourselves to bad movies!

Here are the full details: Continue reading


Fundraiser Madness: Kermit and Yoda at the S&F Actor’s Studio (Plus Thank Yous)

31 Jul

As many of you know, I managed to raise enough funds to attend Worldcon in London.  Part of that effort involved some perks, some of which are yet to be fulfilled.  This post includes two of those perks:  me and Mike Underwood doing impressions while reading works of classic literature or philosophy.

There are two versions:  the video file and the mp3.  The mp3 contains an extended thank you to all the folks who donated to my fundraiser.  Again, THANK YOU.  I’ll say more thank yous later, but I wanted to make sure it got said before Worldcon.

On that note, here are the goodies!

MP3 File

[audio http://archive.org/download/KermitAndYodaAtTheSFActorsStudioAndFundraiserThankYous/Kermit%20and%20Yoda%20at%20the%20S%26F%20Actor%27s%20Studio%20and%20Fundraiser%20Thank%20Yous.mp3]

Poll: Shaun should read this as…?

7 May

If you’ve been paying attention, there’s this whole Worldcon Fundraiser thing going on for Shaun (i.e., me).  One of the Milestone Perks involves me reading a classic work of literature or philosophy as either Captain America (post-government cutbacks) or Yoda (the green ninja).  I’ve let one of the donors pick the work, but the general public (i.e., you) gets to pick the character I will play!

Fabio Fernandes wants me to read from Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None by Friedrich Nietzsche.  Now it’s up to all of you to decide the character!

Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers

27 Feb

The early 19th century. A plot against King George. Egyptian gods, magicians, gypsies, and other mysterious characters on the streets of London in a struggle for control and dominance. Enter a 20th century professor, Brendan Doyle. By turns, he has not only wound up in the thick of events, he has become trapped in that time. Can Doyle foil the plots, survive in the dangerous 19th century world and underworld, and even prosper? And most of all, like Sam Beckett…can Doyle find the right Time Gate to send him back home? Continue reading

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