The Hosts

Shaun Duke

A graduate student at the University of Florida, Shaun studies science fiction, postcolonialism, posthumanism, and fantasy. He is an avid reader of SF/F, a would-be writer who recently had his first story accepted for publication, and an all around SF/F lunatic. He can be found on his blog, The World in the Satin Bag, and on his Twitter account.

Jen Zink

A snarky science fiction and fantasy consuming social justice housewife and proud mother of a bisexual daughter and a transgender son. Her passions include children’s & YA books, comics, video games, movies, television, and art (though not necessarily in that order or all at one time).

You can follow Jen on Twitter because that’s the only place she really exists.

Paul Weimer


Not really a Prince of Amber, but rather an ex-pat New Yorker that has found himself living in Minnesota for the last 13 years, Paul “PrinceJvstin” Weimer has been reading SF and Fantasy for longer than Shaun has been alive. In addition to pitching in at Skiffy and Fanty, he can be found at his own blog, Blog Jvstin Style, Barnes and Noble’s SF Blog, SffAudio, , Twitter, and many other places on the Internet.

Julia Rios

Julia Rios

Julia Rios writes all sorts of things, hosts the Outer Alliance Podcast (celebrating QUILTBAG speculative fiction), and is one of the three fiction editors at Strange Horizons. Her fiction, articles, interviews, and poetry have appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Apex Magazine, Stone Telling, Jabberwocky, and several other places. She’s half-Mexican, but her (fairly dreadful) French is better than her Spanish.

David Annandale

David Annandale

David Annandale brings doom to untold billions as a writer of Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy fiction for the Black Library, most recently in the novels Warden of the Blade and the forthcoming Warlord: Fury of the God-Machine. As the author of the horror novel Gethsemane Hall, he hopes to end sleep for you forever. During the day, he poisons minds as he teaches film, video games and English literature at the University of Manitoba. If you have any fragments of hope still left, you can have them crushed at his website or by following his Twitter account.

Mike R. Underwood

Mike Underwood

Michael R. Underwood is the author of over twelve books, including the Ree Reyes Geekomancy series, Shield & Crocus, and Genrenauts, an r/Fantasy “Stabby” Award finalist series of genre-blending novellas. By day, he’s the North American Sales & Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books. Mike lives in Baltimore with his wife and their ever-growing library In his rapidly-vanishing free time, he geeks out on comics and games and makes homemade pizza.  You can find him on his website.

Alex Acks

Rachael Acks

Alex Acks is a writer, geologist, and dapper AF. Their debut novel,
Hunger Makes the Wolf, was published by Angry Robot Books under the
pen name Alex Wells.  In addition, they’ve written for Six to Start, a steampunk novella series, and various short stories in Strange Horizons, Waylines, Daily Science Fiction, Penumbra, and more. Alex is an active member of SFWA, the Northern Colorado Writer’s Workshop, and Codex. Visit Alex Acks to find out more.

Trish Matson

Trish Matson

Educated as a physicist yet living as a journalist, Trish Matson is an award-winning writer and editor whose ever-expanding list of interests includes a lifelong love of SF/F, plus wordplay, libraries, games, music, dancing, audio drama, and podcasting. She’s listed as TrishEM on various fora, but you can find her most easily on Twitter.

The Blogging / Reviewing Crew

Stina Leicht


Stina Leicht is an award-nominated sf/fantasy writer. When she was small she wanted to grow up to be like Vincent Price. Unfortunately, there are no basements in Texas — thus, making it impossible to wall up anyone alive under the house. Alas, she’ll have to resign herself to going quietly mad while wearing a smoking jacket. Too bad Texas is hot, she doesn’t smoke and therefore, doesn’t own a smoking jacket.

Her latest novel Blackthorne, is the second in a flintlock fantasy series for Simon and Schuster’s Saga Press and will be released in August 2017. She can be found on Twitter and Facebook (Stina Leicht) and her website is

Daniel Haeusser

Daniel Haeusser

Daniel Haeusser is a postdoctoral fellow researching bacterial cell division, an adjunct professor, and an associate blogger with the American Society for Microbiology’s popular Small Things Considered. His constant reading spans many genres, but fantasy and science fiction remain closest to his heart. His regular book reviews can be found at You can also connect with him on Goodreads or Twitter.

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