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Torture Cinema Poll: October Doubleheader (VOTE!)

2 Oct

It’s that time of year again.  Halloween is upon us, and that means we need to get ready for our Halloween special.  But we also haven’t recorded an episode of Torture Cinema in a while, so that means we’re going to do two in October to make things extra fun.

There are two polls:  one for early October and one for Halloween.  So, vote away!

(Note:  the Halloween Special poll will remain open until Monday 10/10!)


Torture Cinema Poll #2 for 2016: What should we watch next?

21 Apr

You know the drill!  Vote away.

Torture Cinema Poll for February 2016: What should we watch next?

1 Feb

The new season begins soon, and that means more Torture Cinema!  We haven’t asked you to vote since before our Childhood Destruction editions of the TC feature.  Now, we’re back to the listener-voted format.

You know the drill.  VOTE!

As always, if you want to suggest a movie for us to discuss on this feature or Shoot the WISB, a topic for general discussion, a guest to include, and so on, you can let us know on our Suggest a Topic page!

Torture Cinema Poll for the Holiday Special 2015!

4 Dec

It’s that time again! You know the drill…VOTE!

Torture Cinema Poll for May 2015: Whose childhood should we destroy next?

7 May

You know the drill.  Vote!

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