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Movie Review: “Wonder Woman” (See it!)

6 Jun

I grew up reading Marvel comics, not DC, so most of what I know about the lore of Wonder Woman is what I absorbed from the 1970s Lynda Carter TV show plus vague memories of the Super Friends. I’m aware that the character has had many reboots and reinterpretations, but my perspective is that of many viewers who come to the movie with only a small amount of background knowledge. I think most of them, like me, will love it. (Spoilers, with a warning, appear about halfway through this review.)

“Wonder Woman” is a very satisfying film, even if it isn’t perfect. I have some logical quibbles with some of its elements in the beginning, and it is not exactly subtle; however, the notes it hits ring true all the way through. By the end, tears of both sorrow and joy were trickling down my cheeks.

There’s a lot of building up and following through, from the quiet, simple, opening narrative to the firm statement of purpose at the end. It doesn’t have the snappy patter of many Marvel movies, but the emotional payoffs are pretty great. Continue reading

Torture Cinema Poll: March Madness!

1 Mar

We truly do HATE to disappoint you, but this has literally nothing to do with college basketball. We just felt like torturing you.


Just kidding. Sort of. Really, it’s just time to pick our next Torture Cinema of 2017! We have a wide variety of total crap for you to choose from. So choose wisely!!

Torture Cinema Poll: The first of 2017!

26 Jan

Well, we haven’t done as much Torture in the last year, because we were too busy watching good movies! Isn’t that awful of us? But frankly, we need something to metaphorically shred into tiny pieces. So help pick what we’re going to torture ourselves with!

Movie Review: David Cronenberg’s eXistenZ (1999) — #monthofjoy

20 Nov

The movie opens with the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) writing a title on a chalkboard: “eXistenZ. Written like this. One word. Small e. capital X, capital Z.”  A virtual reality game, led by the designer itself, goes violent and wrong. As she and her companion flee assassins and death, their exploration within the game itself soon blurs the lines between game and reality. Continue reading

Indy Genre: Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

18 Oct

Nazi zombies.

If those two words don’t make you perk up your ears like a great dane that just heard the treat bag rattle, then this movie is not going to be for you. But if you feel as if your life could be immeasurably improved by the application of the aforementioned Nazi zombies plus copious amounts of gore and a not inconsiderable amount of vomit? Welcome home, my friends. (Warning, this review will contain spoilers for the original Dead Snow.)

Continue reading

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