Announcing: Robogoblin Gazette: Issue 1 — A Sneak Peek!

21 Jul

For years, we’ve made passing reference to the infamous Robogoblin Army, a rare collection of fans, listeners, mythical creatures, and cyborgs whose very existence keeps the universe from collapsing in on itself! If you’re a fan of this podcast, you’re a member of the Robogoblin Army. Make sure to email us about your magic techno badge (there are no badges, YET).

If you’re a Patreon supporter, you may have noticed that one of the levels mentions something called the Robogoblin Gazette. And you might be asking yourself, “Gee, what is this Gazette thing?” We’re glad you asked!

Introducing Issue #1 of the Robogoblin Gazette, a collection of weirdness, criticism, fiction, and art by the glorious people who make this podcast and blog happen. Check out the gorgeous cover made by Jen’s daughter, Moira Zink:
Robogoblin Cover

Seriously, that cover blew us away. I mean, Jen kinda saw it coming, being Moira’s parent object, but holy moly is that gorgeous or what?  Anywho…

Issue #1: Finally includes the following fantastic material:

  • Bayfest™ by Alex Acks/Wells
  • Scorched Earth: She Who Must Burn and the Exploitation Film’s Assault on the Cinematic Norm by David Annandale
  • Lyssa Zampa Girl by Joyce Chng
  • In the Shadows of the Empire of Coal by Shaun Duke
  • The Quest by Daniel Haeusser
  • Waterborne (Story Sample) by Stina Leicht
  • Excerpt from the Storium game “Ages of Iron: Minos & the Minotaur” by Trish Matson
  • The Hobbit Map by Paul Weimer
  • Packing List for Mars by Julia Rios
  • Mike’s Comic Book Review by Michael R. Underwood
  • The Pope’s Assassin by Jen Zink

We’re releasing Issue #1: Finally on Friday (July 28th) at 3 PM EST to our $10 and up Patreon subscribers. If you want to snatch yourself a copy AND support our amazing podcast, become a patron today.

Now go share this news among your friends!


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