Top 10 Posts and Episodes for April 2017

11 May

Time for another statistics post! Here’s what readers loved on our blog or podcast throughout April 2017:

Top Posts:

  1. Metropolis (1927), Feminism, and Influence by Stina Leicht
  2. Beyond the Cliché Shelf: Making Characters Vibrant and Unexpected by Aliette de Bodard
  3. Breaking News: Peter Jackson to turn The Silmarillion into a 14-movie epic by Michael J. Martinez
  4. Book Review: CUCKOO SONG by Frances Hardinge (Reviewed by Daniel Haeusser)
  5. Ten Post-Apocalyptic Novels Written by Women by Nicolette Stewart
  6. The Intersection: AI and Creator-bias by Stina Leicht
  7. Book Review: Wothwood by Natania Barron (Reviewed by Paul Weimer)
  8. Book Review: The Weight of the World by Tom Toner (Reviewed by Paul Weimer)
  9. Book Review: Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer (Reviewed by Paul Weimer)
  10. Book Review: The House of Binding Thorns by Aliette de Bodard (Reviewed by Paul Weimer)

Top Episodes:

  1. Signal Boost #1: George Sandison (2084) and Alexandra Pierce (Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler)
  2. 321. The Immigrant Experience in SFF w/ Sabrina Vourvoulias, Rose Lemberg, and Bogi Takács
  3. #55. Attack the Block (2011) — A Shoot the WISB Subcast w/ Tiara W.
  4. #03. The Last Command — Thrawn and On and On (A Star Wars Literary Podcast)
  5. 317. Disability in SF/F — A Discussion w/ Sarah Chorn and Elsa Sjunneson-Henry
  6. 313. Looking Back, Moving Forward: Anticipating 2017
  7. #57. Get Out (2017) w/ Faridah Gbadamosi and Andrew Hackley — A Shoot the WISB Subcast
  8. 294. Mazes and Monsters (1982) — A Torture Cinema “Adventure”
  9. 320. Alex Wells/Acks (a.k.a. Social Justice Biker Witch) — Hunger Makes the Wolf (An Interview)
  10. 304. Scott Lynch and Elizabeth Bear (a.k.a. The Rakish Rogue and the Sky Marshall) — An Interview

What did you enjoy the most? Let us know in the comments!


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