Torture Cinema Poll for February 2016: What should we watch next?

1 Feb

The new season begins soon, and that means more Torture Cinema!  We haven’t asked you to vote since before our Childhood Destruction editions of the TC feature.  Now, we’re back to the listener-voted format.

You know the drill.  VOTE!

As always, if you want to suggest a movie for us to discuss on this feature or Shoot the WISB, a topic for general discussion, a guest to include, and so on, you can let us know on our Suggest a Topic page!


One Response to “Torture Cinema Poll for February 2016: What should we watch next?”

  1. Joseph Nebus February 3, 2016 at 3:16 pm #

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t think “Mazes and Monsters” all that bad. But I also suspect that I read the movie differently from the intention. I know the moviemakers at least had in mind a story about Dungeons And Dragons Makes You Crazy; but as best I could work out, the problem was Tom Hanks’s character was already borderline crazy, and it so happened he fell into a roleplaying group for it.

    (Also, yes, there’s a demon at the end that’s played by a guy in a really bad costume. But that made aesthetic sense to me as a hallucination of a character who’s in terrible shape, and not even hallucinating well.)

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