2016 Awards Season (Hugos, etc.): All the Eligible Things from a Year of Skiffy and Fanty!

8 Jan

It’s that time of year again.  The time when we all show up in a big arena and fight each other with sticks and used socks and the leftover contents of Darth Vader’s fridge for the supreme honor of winning an award.

OK.  So that’s not true.  But it is awards season, which means we do have to release a practically mandatory big post of all the stuff we discussed or created that happens to be eligible for something in 2016.  So, here it is:

The Skiffy and Fanty Crew

First, here’s all of the crew’s eligible things, whether they be books, podcasts, fan writing, or illegal dandelion poaching (I’m looking at you, Mike):

The Skiffy and Fanty Show (Best Fancast)

As always, The Skiffy and Fanty Show is eligible in the Best Fancast category, for which we’ve been nominated before (thanks for that, by the way).  If you choose to nominate us again, that would be awesome.  Make sure to include all of the podcasting crew on your ballot (Shaun Duke, Julia Rios, Mike Underwood, Rachael Acks, Paul Weimer, David Annandale, and Jen Zink).  And, again, thank you for supporting us in the past.  It is awesome pants.

Mike Underwood (or Michael R. Underwood)

Mike is also eligible as a professional for his work at Angry Robot Books as North American Sales & Marketing Manager (cool!).

Paul Weimer

Paul is eligible for his fan writing.  He writes book reviews for this website, SF Signal, and can be found wandering all over the Internet being the uber fan that he is.  He’s never been nominated.  Someone should fix this one of these days.

Rachael Acks

David Annandale

Julia Rios

  • Semiprozine:  Strange Horizons (plus, every story they released last year is eligible in some category or another!)
  • Editor (Short Form):  for her work on Strange Horizons, obviously!

Trish Matson

Trish is eligible as an Editor for The Skiffy and Fanty Show blog.  She has done fine work behind the scenes (thanks so much, Trish!).

Daniel Haeusser

As it turns out, Daniel is eligible in the Fan Writer category for his reviews and other writing, here at on his own blog.

Jen Zink

It seems wrong not to give Jen her own section even though she’s only eligible for the podcast.  So, she gets a section!

Shaun Duke

All the Things We Read, Watched, and Devoured for the Show (That Happens to be Eligible)

Here are all the books our guests published in 2015:

The following folks are eligible as fan writers or fancast creators (some works may only be eligible in related work or professional categories; doublecheck before you nominate):

And don’t forget these editors and their eligible works:

And here are all the movies and TV we enjoyed in 2015 that happens to be eligible this year (we think):

If we’re missing anyone or anything from our year of podcasting, let us know and we’ll correct the gap ASAP!

Now the big question:

What have you all loved in 2015?  Favorite books, stories, collections, movies, TV shows?  The comments are yours!


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