Our CONvergence 2015 Schedules: Come to Our Panels; Come to Our Hangout!

28 Jun

All but one of the Robogoblins will be at CONvergence this year in Minneapolis, MN!  If you’re planning to attend, make sure you come to some of our panels, including the LIVE recording of The Skiffy and Fanty Show on Saturday.  You should also make sure to follow us on Twitter in case we host any impromptu events (walk-by sessions, hangouts, etc.).

Here are all of our official panels and events (all times are in EST; parentheses indicates who will officially be there or on the panel):


  • 2 PM: “The Smurfette Principle in Marketing” (Mike)
  • 3:30 PM: “Ebooks and the Marketplace” (Mike)
  • 7-9 PM:  Gaming Night w/ SF/F Authors at The Source (Paul, Shaun, Julia, and Mike, plus a whole bunch of author people)
  • 10 PM:  “Handling True Darkness in Dystopians” in the Bloomington room (David)


  • 9:30 AM:  “Best Dystopian Books and Films That You Haven’t Heard About” in Atrium 4 (Shaun)
  • 9:30 AM:  “Symbolism and Mythology in Genre Fiction” in Plaza 3 (Paul)
  • 11 AM:  “So You Want to Start a Podcast” in Crowne Plaza AEIO (Shaun)
  • 11 AM “Storytelling in Comics and TV” (Mike)
  • 2:00 PM:  “Dialogue Box (on script writing)” in Atrium 4 (Rachael)
  • 3:30 PM:  “Ask a Scientist” in Edina (Rachael)


  • 11 AM:  “The Skiffy and Fanty Show LIVE! – Space Travel and Its Discontents, a Discussion about Contact and Gravity” in Crowne Plaza AEIO (Everyone)(there will be giveaways!)
  • 2 PM:  “Podcasts You Should Be Listening To” in Plaza 3 (Julia)
  • 7 PM:  “Hard and Soft Science” in Atrium 6 (Rachael)
  • 7 PM:  “The Dystopia of Philip K. Dick: From Page to Screen” in Atrium 2 (Paul)
  • 8-9 PM:  “The Skiffy and Fanty Hangout” in the Doubletree Bar Area! — come play games (Sabacc, Koi Koi, and more!), hang with various members of the crew, and have a drink!
    • (Note:  the party may extend beyond 9 PM, but we’re only dedicating that hour to the “official hangout”)


  • 11 AM:  “Best Recent YA Fantasy and Science Fiction” in Atrium 2 (Julia)

We hope to see you there!


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