The 2015 “Women and Non-Binary in SFF” Theme Begins: Announcements, Details, and Guest/Author Calls

20 Jan

As you may well be aware by now, we have a new theme in 2015:  Women and Non-Binary in SFF.  This post will serve as a handy guide to our show for the next 11.5 months and as a nice place to go in case you want to be a part of the show or the blog at some point in 2015.

The Theme:  What We’re Doing

Throughout 2015, we are going to put particular focus on the contributions of women and non-binary people to science fiction and fantasy.  The majority of our interviewees, as such, will be women and non-binary; additionally, a good portion of movies, tv, and discussion episodes will be in some way related to this theme.  Though we’re not setting a hard quota for the year, we expect that roughly 75% of our content will be women- and non-binary-centered.

As such, we have two levels of “open calls” for guests:

The Podcast:  A Call for Guests and Interviewees (up to July 1st)

We’re looking for the following (update:  interview slots are full until April 2015):

  • Female and non-binary authors with sf/f books dropping between today and July 1st, 2015 (we’ll do another call in a few months for the latter half of the year)(see the blog section below for the My Superpower post)
    • For specific details about genre specifications (i.e., we’re pretty open), formats, and so on, see our general guidelines page.  Publishers, big and small, are welcome to contact us about their authors!
    • Our World SF theme is still ongoing, so if you’re from outside the United States, do not hesitate to contact us — especially if you fit this year’s theme.
  • Female and non-binary sf/f fans, critics, editors, filmmakers, movie nuts, etc. who would like to participate in discussions of films, television shows, bad films, or general discussions related to our general theme (these will include everything from “favorite author” discussions to the politics of gender representation in sf/f)
  • Note:  previous guests who may or may not fit the theme are still welcome to contact us; we always reserve slots for some of our favorite folks, whether in the interviews section or elsewhere.  Heck, Mike Martinez came on the show just to talk about Highlander II: the Quickening — as in voluntarily.  Yeah.
    • Side Note:  as a general rule, we reserve interviews for authors whose works are coming out around the time of the interview (March for March, if you get my meaning).

Though we can’t guarantee to fit everyone on the show, we’ll do our best!

The Blog:  A Call for Authors, Guest Posters, and So On (up to July 1st)

If you’re interested in contributing to the blog, whether as an author or as a fan, we are open to any of the following types of content:

  • My Superpower posts (reserved for authors who want to have a little fun while talking about their new book)(weekly)
  • Guest Posts (for a list of topic suggests, feel free to email us; in general, anything from essays on female/non-binary writers who influenced you in some way to essays on sexism in sff and so on are more than welcome)
  • Guest Columns (the same as the previous bullet, only pitched as a series of related posts or an actual running column a la Paul’s “Mining the Genre Asteroid”)
  • Reviews of writing that fits the 2015 theme in some way (fiction, comics, or non-fiction; long or short; old or new)
    • Note:  if you’re intent on reviewing science fiction by women from before 2001, we recommend you contact Ian Sales at SF Mistressworks, which is an ongoing project designed to highlight older works of sf by women.  He will probably love you to death if you offer to review a book he hasn’t covered yet!
  • Reviews of movies, TV shows, or other media properties that fit the theme (old or new)
  • Big Note:  we want a healthy balance of general “squee” to criticism and intense discussion about the politics of the sf/f field.

If you have any questions about the podcast or the blog, feel free to ask!

Fin:  Let’s Get This Party Started

And that’s basically it…for now.  2015 is going to be an amazing year, we think.  So if you’re as excited about our 2015 theme as we are, share this page.  Tell your friends.  Get your favorite authors to contact us.  Or contact us yourselves and participate in what will surely be a festival of awesome.

The Women and Non-Binary in SFF Journey begins NOW!


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