This Katamari Feels Limericksish

23 Jun

(That’s probably because you rolled up nothing but Limericks about exciting things!)

I’ve been like a magpie lately, collecting shiny things from here and there. There’s no unified theme to this post, except everything in it is an awesome idea. So I decided to force a theme in a way that will likely yield terrible results:  Limerick writing! I am making these all up on the spot, and giving myself no more than 5 minutes to do each one. So, hang on tight; this may be a bumpy ride!

Gears for Queers

If you fancy the Steampunk aesthetic,
you can do something totes copacetic:
Support Gears for Queers
and help out your queer peers
plus get stuff that is far from pathetic!

Gears for Queers

(In plain language, this fundraiser by the San Francisco Steampunk community offers super cool stuff like tintypes and tiny top hats in exchange for your money, which they will send to the GLBT National Help Center. There are twenty days left to pledge and get an awesome thing you can feel extra awesome about owning.)

Maha Yodha

Epic Hindu mythology
meets card-playing stratagemology:
this game looks more awesome
than a bright lotus blossom.
This line is filler, for which, my apology.

Maha Yodha

(In plain laguage: this game looks amazing, and I am only sorry I found out about it on the very last day of its Kickstarter! It is made in India by people who are super into geeking out about games and epics and gorgeous artwork. How cool is that?)

The Girls of Atomic City

This is no science fictional book,
but I say you should still take a look
at the tales of stealth work
by women who lurk
in a town the mapmakers forsook.

(In plain language:  Denise Kiernan has written a super fascinating book about Oak Ridge, Tennessee, one of the secret cities of the Manhattan project. She specifically focuses on women who worked in the city under strict isolation and secrecy. It’s a fascinating history, and though it’s not science fiction, I think it will appeal to a lot of SF fans.)

Doorway to the Hidden World

A conspiracy theory podcast
of weirdness incredibly vast
with alternate histories
and unsolved mysteries,
its truth pillows fly hard and fast

(In plain language: this podcast written and produced by Geoffrey Pelton is hosted by the fictional Kevin Lux, who has some pretty out there theories that are both hilarious and so intricate that you might find yourself questioning reality. A super accessible starting point if you don’t want to start at the beginning is this episode about how the state of Delaware doesn’t exist.)


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