#19. Babylon 5 (S1D5&6: Eps 17-22) — A Shoot the WISB Subcast

9 May

Time traveling space stations, psychics, and metamorphoses, oh my!  Shaun, Mike, and Paul join forces to discuss the final episodes of the first season of Babylon 5.  In other words, we’ve covered the entire first season.  Phew!  Hopefully, you enjoy our thoughts as much as we enjoyed watching the show!

We also really want to hear what you think!  So feel free to watch along with us!

Spoiler Alert:  the following podcast contains spoilers for the film being reviewed; if you wish to see the film without having it ruined for you, download this podcast and save it for later.

Babylon 5 Logo

Download the episode here.

[audio http://archive.org/download/ShootTheWISB19Babylon5ReWatchEps1722/Shoot%20the%20WISB%20%2319%20–%20Babylon%205%20re-watch%20%28Eps%2017-22%29.mp3]

Show notes (info about our contributors can be found on the about page):

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3 Responses to “#19. Babylon 5 (S1D5&6: Eps 17-22) — A Shoot the WISB Subcast”

  1. James V May 11, 2014 at 10:03 pm #

    As the subject of telepaths in Earthforce came up, I can’t recall how detailed JMS is on why there aren’t any telepaths in the military in the B5 universe during Babylon 5 itself, but it is talked about during B5: Crusade as it is crucial to one character’s back story. Just saying in case Shaun continues watching that far in.

    • shaunduke May 12, 2014 at 1:13 pm #

      I’ve heard of Crusade. Haven’t seen it, obviously. We’ll see what happens with season two 🙂


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