The World SF Tour: Marvelous March Dates!

12 Mar

Here’s what’s on the tour docket for March:

  • 3/14:  Shoot the WISB episode on Godzilla (1954)
  • 3/18:  Shoot the WISB episode on Babylon 5 (Season One; Disc Four) w/ Erika Ensign & Jaimie Wyman
  • 3/29:  Discussion of Brazilian speculative fiction (tentative)
  • 3/31:  Torture Cinema (title TBA)
  • D/U:  Discussion of Japanese speculative fiction (tentative)
  • D/U:  Interview w/ Sofia Samatar at ICFA (tentative)
  • D/U:  Other recordings at ICFA are TBA; we may or may not drop them in March, depending on which episodes have to be pushed back to April

D/U = Date Undetermined

There are still a bunch of things up in the wind for March, but we should have everything figured out by the end of the week!


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