Top 10 Posts and Episodes for November 2013

2 Dec

By popular demand (Paul!), I present to you the top 10 posts and episodes for November 2013.  Enjoy!


  1. Out-Brutalling the Last Guy:  “Grim and gritty, yes…but make sure it’s doing some honest work” by K.V. Johansen
  2. Worldbuilding:  Why It Ain’t So Easy by Stina Leicht
  3. Mining the Genre Asteroid:  Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm (post by Paul Weimer)
  4. Adventures in SF Parenting:  the Wild, Wild Web by Jen Zink
  5. Mining the Genre Asteroid:  Way Station by Clifford Simak (post by Paul Weimer)
  6. The Disquieting Guest — Horror in/and Fantasy by David Annandale
  7. LitBits:  The Politics of Author/Work Separation by Shaun Duke
  8. Movie Review:  Mama (2013) by Stina Leicht
  9. The Disquieting Guest — A Belated Explanation by David Annandale
  10. Geekomancer Under Glass:  Beyond the Capes (Part Two) by Mike Underwood


  1. 177. Nick Mamatas — Love is the Law (An Interview)
  2. Episode 4.2 — Torture Cinema Meets The Wicker Man
  3. 175. Religion and Genre Fiction w/ Max Gladstone & David Levine (A Discussion)
  4. 176. Sam Sykes at Worldcon (An Interview of Sorts)
  5. 174. Cassandra Rose Clarke at Worldcon (An Interview of Sorts)
  6. 178. Emma Newman (a.k.a. Tea & Cake) — The Split Worlds Trilogy
  7. #05 — Pacific Rim (2013) — A Shoot the WISB Discussion w/ Michael R. Underwood
  8. #03 — Man of Steel (2013) — A Shoot the WISB Discussion w/ David Annandale and Michael R. Underwood
  9. Episode 84 — Women in Military SF (or The Kratman Rule is B.S.)
  10. 173. The Gate (1987) — A Torture Cinema “Adventure” (the Halloween Special)



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