Feed the Machine: A God Named Higgs

27 Oct

Standard Model

So the Higgs Boson was confirmed last year was it? I can’t remember. Anyway, it won Mr. Higgs and that other guy who also theorized it a truckload of krona. Meanwhile, the men and women who actually discovered the damn thing got no love. But fear not, you honorable CERN employees, because you still have the best jobs in the world.

The article above theorizes about the Higgs particle/field creating an entire particle landscape with its influence. If you could control the Higgs field, could you turn raw energy into whichever particles — both mundane and exotic — that you’d like? Wormholes would become practically commonplace if one could manufacture exotic particles so easily. Tachyon communication would be snap. Could you create novel particles not seen in the universe? Could you create something dangerous?

CERN Higgs Boson

If the Higgs is responsible for the particle landscape, and it can explain matter/antimatter dichotomy, dark matter, baryogenesis, etc, then…that’s it. Particle physicists win. They can hang up their lab coats, launder their pocket protectors, and take off their tortoiseshell glasses because they have explained the universe more or less. To those of religious persuasions, this means they have mapped the mind of god(ess). How would this shake up the world? How would this evidence reinforce/destroy faith? It would be one of those revolutionary scientific principles that would force religious people to reevaluate themselves, for better or worse.

If the Higgs field does allow one to create particles, could pocket universes be created in the lab, fed by exotic particles? Could you adjust the physical properties of these universe to play out parallel storylines to our own? What if life evolved?

This article raises some fundamental questions that could be spun into beautiful, philosophic stories of the nature of reality. Go forth and write.


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