This Katamari Feels Sexy and Halloweenish and Also Wrong

18 Oct

(That’s probably because you rolled up Sexy Halloween Stories!)

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at Halloween costumes. I just can’t get enough Halloween stuff, though, so this week, we’re going to take a sweet, spicy, terrifying, and hilarious tour through some Sexy Halloween Stories. It turns out Sexy Halloween Stuff is not just reserved for costumes!

LaShawn Wanak’s House on the Rock Halloween Adventure: Okay, so I put out a call for recommendations of awesome (or terrible!) Sexy Halloween Stories, and while I meant fiction, I didn’t actually say it, so one of my responses was a real life event of geektacular AWESOMENESS! LaShawn has a fabulous, two part writeup of the event on her blog, and she also has an awesome picture of her in her wedding dress (upcycled as a Halloween costume!) with Neil Gaiman!

LaShawn Wanak and Neil Gaiman

LaShawn Wanak and Neil Gaiman

Strange Horizons Halloween Stories: I’m a fiction editor for Strange Horizons, and this year, we decided to do a trio of Halloween-appropriate stories for our October fiction. First we had the sweet and fun “The Witches of Athens” by Lara Elena Donnelly. Second (this week’s story) is “Three on a Match” by Steve Berman, which is bittersweet and disturbing. It ups the creepiness factor, as well as the Sexy Halloween Story factor. Next week’s story, which will go live on Monday, is the Super Creepy “Event Horizon” by Sunny Moraine.

Suffered from the Night: This anthology is a sort of secret history of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with QUILTBAG characters. I’m totally loving it! It’s perfect for a spooky October evening, and plenty of the stories are sweet, spicy and chilling all at once!

Suffered from the Night

Blood Kiss Vampire Erotica: Want your vampire sexy times to be even more sexy? Circlet Press specializes in speculative erotica, so it should come as no surprise that they have a vampire erotica collection. They’re even offering 25% off if you use the code SPOOKME between now and Halloween!

Pleasured by the Pumpkin: Okay, I saved the most hilariously terrifying thing for last! I’m just going call it hilarifying. Remember how everyone was all titillated by the dinorotica a couple of weeks ago? If you don’t, just look up dinorotica on Google, and you’ll see what I mean. Well, apparently Sexy Halloween Stories can involve sentient jack o’ lanterns... Yep. For real!

Pleasured by the PumpkinEnjoy…



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