162. Worldcon Walk-by Session #1: Keffy Kehrli, Rachael Acks, Michael J. Martinez, Karen Burnham, & Kyell Gold

5 Sep

WSFS, geekery, and Worldcon ninjas, oh my!  In our first ever Worldcon walk-by recording session, a whole host of wonderful folks came by to talk to us about the WSFS meetings, our perceptions of Worldcon (the first days), movie remakes, SF nostalgia, and much more.  Thanks for everyone who dropped by!  You all rocked!

We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Here’s the episode (show notes are below):

Episode 162 — Download (MP3)

Worldcon -- Lone Star Con 3

Intro and Discussion (0:00 – 54:59)

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Our new intro music is “Time Flux” by Revolution Void (CC BY 3.0).

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for listening.  See you next week.


8 Responses to “162. Worldcon Walk-by Session #1: Keffy Kehrli, Rachael Acks, Michael J. Martinez, Karen Burnham, & Kyell Gold”

  1. Carrie September 12, 2013 at 11:05 pm #

    I think you’re gonna be wrong about the remake of “Carrie.” Kimberly Pierce directing. (Boys Don’t Cry, Stop Loss) Not a superficial director, and she promises it will be queered. She chose Chloe Mertz, from Let Me In. She promises to be truer to the book, which has layers De Palma did not touch. And Julianne Moore, who works a certain vein of brilliance in portraying well- meant evil, as dear old mother, oof… (Queer) Themes of new power to wreak revenge on your persecutors has psychic consequences yet feels so *righteous*, and “your well-intentioned religious fervor can be deadening to the rest of us is very timely. And you can’t remake a movie that rests on a handful of key scenes/ plot points without needing to assume every viewer will come in spoiled. But then, I’m biased. It’s *my* Stephen King novel, and the prom was not my friend…

    • shaunduke September 13, 2013 at 2:18 pm #

      I can’t speak for the others who were there, but I will say that it’s possible the film will be good. My issue has more to do with the way the film has been marketed (and how films are marketed in general). While it may be a great film, I still think that a good portion of the audience they are trying to reach are the younger, newer crowd. Folks who are now in their 20s, and thus weren’t old enough to see the original Carrie in theaters. And I think trying to show the entire friggin plot in the trailer completely neuters the film’s potential to horrify or shock by virtue of revealing everything that matters to the structure of the film. For those of us who already know about the film, perhaps those promises about a closer adaptation and the acting talent involved will make for a better film…I just don’t know how well it will work as a marketing ploy. I know I don’t want to see it anymore, since I’ve seen what seems to be the good stuff…

      But maybe I’ll be proven wrong later…

  2. quotidianc September 14, 2013 at 4:09 am #

    I think the walk by podcasting was a great idea and I really enjoyed this episode. I love the way Shaun and Jen bounce off each other, and you had a nice mix of people dropping in and interesting discussion.

    I have one suggestion for if you do something like this again: consider just getting people’s names and not doing the who-are-you and where-are-you-on-the-internet bits. That’s great for an interview, but with people arriving and leaving through the podcast, I found it broke up the discussion a bit too much.

    The Tobias Buckell episode was great too.

    • shaunduke September 14, 2013 at 9:55 am #

      Hey, thanks for the compliment and the criticism! We’ll keep that in mind for the next time we try something like this (which may not be until next year).

      Glad you enjoyed the episodes 🙂


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