#04 — World War Z — A Shoot the WISB Discussion w/ David Annandale & Jen Bosier

29 Jun

Zombies!  For this episode of Shoot the WISB, guests David Annandale and Jen Bosier join me to discuss World War Z.  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Download the episode here.

World War Z

Spoiler Alert:  the following podcast contains spoilers for the film being reviewed; if you wish to see the film without having it ruined for you, download this podcast and save it for later.

Show notes:

Note:  We’re shifting over the Shoot the WISB segments from my personal blog to The Skiffy and Fanty Show.  Why?  It just makes more sense, I suppose.  If you’ve never listened to the Shoot the WISB casts, you’ll likely see them pop up in your iTunes or RSS feeds over the next few weeks.


2 Responses to “#04 — World War Z — A Shoot the WISB Discussion w/ David Annandale & Jen Bosier”


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