Torture Cinema Poll #17: You Decide!

1 Jun

In order to help us move around our now enormous list of terrible films (50 titles long!), we’re going to start randomizing the items that appear on our polls.  This way, we’ll make the voting a little more interesting by constantly cycling different batches of films to our lovely listeners.  And so, I present you our 17th Torture Cinema poll!  Vote away!

(Note:  Please do not vote for Hardware.  I have since removed it from the list due to excessive gore and an apparent robot rape scene.  We should be more specific about content restrictions in the future, but please note that we will not watch any movie containing a rape scene, whether successful or otherwise.  We also have a hard time handling excessive gore and will have to strike off supernatural or science fiction horror films that involve a lot of gore — Jason X is probably our limit.  In this case, Hardware was stricken off due to the presence of an attempted rape scene.  As horrible as the films chosen for our Torture Cinema feature may be, we draw the line at subjects that are, at the very least, grossly offensive to our listeners as comedic material.  Rape is one of those topics.  Thank you for your understanding!)

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