Audible, Our Show, and Mad Libs!

9 May

If you haven’t noticed yet, we’ve partnered with through their podcast affiliates program.  And we’re as stoked about it as Voyager 6 at discovering human beings are the creator.  In other words, we’re completely straight-faced, without any sense of emotion whatsoever, as if we’ve discovered everything there is to know and have nothing else to do but fulfill basic programming.  Maybe that’s not such a great analogy…

Anywho.  The idea is pretty simple.  You sign up for a trial membership with, Audible hugs us with giant bear arms (just like in the 2nd Amendment), and everyone comes out on top — we get hugs, you get a free audiobook (and, we hope, a lifelong love of Audible’s services), and Audible realizes that it will only take a few more years before it can take over the world using its self-replicating spider robots…

But here’s where things get really fun.  To make things interesting, we’ve created a mad lib and want to solicit word suggestions from you, our dear listeners.  Every week, we’ll record a new version of the mad lib using words chosen by all of you.  Next season, we’ll write a whole new version and repeat the process.  This will make it a lot more fun for us, and for you, because our little dialogue will always be filled with wacky nonsense!

So, for our second mad lib Audible advertisement, we’d like to solicit word suggestions.  Here’s what we need:

9 x Thing
4 x Adjective
3 x Verb
1 x Feeling
1 x Date
1 x Place

The rules:
1) Nothing filthy. Mad libs tend to end up suggestive all on their own, but we don’t want to intentionally waltz into dirty territory.
2) Nothing with the obvious potential for offence (racial slurs, etc.).

Start suggesting! You can suggest all at once, or just throw in some random things. We’ll pick from the lot.


2 Responses to “Audible, Our Show, and Mad Libs!”

  1. Stina Leicht May 9, 2012 at 5:07 pm #

    things: star, crystal ball, book, ship, pumpkin, doll, spook
    adjectives: smelly, bouncy, purple, windy
    verbs: run, jump, climb
    feeling: happy
    date: 14 October 1066
    place: Seattle, WA

  2. Loopdilou (@LoopdiLou) May 9, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    Oh my, that’s going to be bunches of fun!!! 🙂 I am particularly enamored with spook and windy.

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