Episode 42 — An Interview w/ Tobias Buckell

20 Mar

We’re excited to have Tobias Buckell on the show!  The interview springs off our last episode on colonialism and science fiction, and, as you all may know, Shaun is writing his M.A. thesis on Buckell’s work, so this is a very special interview for him.  Buckell is also awesome.  We hope you enjoy the interview!

Quick note:  Please donate to the Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan.  They could really use our help, folks.  $1.  $20.  Whatever you can manage.  Just help.

Feel free to shoot us an email at skiffyandfanty [at] gmail [dot] com, leave a comment, or follow us on Twitter.  We hope you enjoy the episode!

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Here’s the episode (show notes are below):

Episode 42 — Download (MP3)

Intro and Interview w/ Tobias Buckell (0:00 – 56:34):

Our new intro music is “Time Flux” by Revolution Void (CC BY 3.0).

That’s all, folks!  Thanks for listening.  See you next week.


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