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Torture Cinema Poll for May 2015: Whose childhood should we destroy next?

7 May

You know the drill.  Vote!

Torture Cinema Poll for April 2015: Whose childhood will we destroy next?

2 Apr

You know the drill.  Vote!

Torture Cinema Poll for March 2015: What’s next?

2 Mar

You know the drill.  It’s vote time!

Torture Cinema Poll for February: What should we watch next?

12 Feb

You know the drill.  Vote and share!

Torture Cinema Poll for January: What should we watch for the 50th Torture?

16 Jan

What’s that?  50 Tortures?  5-0?  That’s right.  January will mark the 50th episode of Torture Cinema.  We’ll make this special somehow…Right.  The poll.  It’s a special poll.  For this special episode, I asked the Internet to pick the five flicks to appear on our poll.

You know the drill.  Vote!


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