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Torture Cinema Poll for the Halloween Special: You decide!

15 Oct

You know the drill.  Bring on the torture!

Torture Cinema Poll: What should we watch for September 2014?

31 Aug

You know the drill.  There’s that little poll thing.  Clicky click. Vote.

Go!  Choose wisely…

Torture Cinema Poll for @LonCon3 / Worldcon: You Decide; We Record in a Hotel Room

22 Jul

And it came to pass that four of the Skiffy and Fanty crew would be in attendance at the 2014 Worldcon in London.  And the sf/f gods said, “Record Torture Cinema live in a hotel room…”

And we said…YES!

To celebrate being in London (and the World SF Tour), all of the films in the following poll are of British extraction.  Vote wisely!

Torture Cinema Poll for July 2014: You Decide!

10 Jul

I’m late in dropping the Torture Cinema episode from June, but that doesn’t mean you all can’t vote for our end-of-the-month torturefest!  You know the drill.  Voting will end on Monday.

Torture Cinema Poll #14: The Third Torture of 2013 (You Decide!)

3 Mar

You know the drill.  Vote!

Torture Cinema Poll #12 Results: Our First Torture of 2013!

27 Jan

We asked for your votes, and this is what you’ve given us to watch:

JumperJumper (IMDB)

And so, we shall watch it, and hate it, and report back to you all soon with our pain…

Torture Cinema Poll #11 Results: Our Holiday Special Film is…

19 Dec
Boy is it special...

Boy is it special…

And it’s all because of you.

The episode will drop on 12/24/12.  Prepare yourself.  The Mayans were wrong.  The world ends because of us…


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