If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at skiffyandfanty [at] gmail [dot] com or a message to our Twitter account!

Our Policies

Note:  We are currently OPEN to interviewees with books, movies, comics, or related SF/F-ish products releasing after March 2013.  See our guidelines below.

Note x2:  To all UK publishers — we have two reviewers who are located in the UK and who do not own e-readers.  They are interested in reviewing books released in the UK for our blog.  If you have something that fits the guidelines below and would like to have it reviewed by our UK team, send us an email!

Note x3:  We cannot have everyone on our show, as much as we would like to.  However, we will do our best to include as many people as possible, even if we cannot have you on for an interview.

Review Guidelines:

  • We only read books which could be broadly defined as science fiction, fantasy, magical realism, or supernatural horror OR books which might be of interest to readers of these genres (i.e., literary criticism, history, science, etc.).  When we say “broadly,” we mean it.  We have no interest in creating narrow definitions for this podcast.  We love “literary” work as much as we love the pulpy wonders.  We love Kazuo Ishiguro and Isaac Asimov.  Ben Okri and George R. R. Martin.  Gunter Grass and Peter Watts.
  • We are also interested in reviewing films (short or long, indie or big time).  The same rules for books apply.
  • If you have a book, please send us an excerpt via email in a readable format.  We receive a lot of requests and simply don’t have the time to review or interview every author who contacts us.  This way, we can decide on which books will most appeal to us as readers.
  • We will only consider good books.  We don’t care who publishes you or if you’re publishing yourself.  What we care about is the writing.  If you don’t think your book is all that good, then don’t ask us to look at it.
  • We are actively working on expanding our “team” to include reviewers.  This means that books we don’t consider for the podcast may still get a review on the blog.
Guest Posts
  • If you are interested in contributing something to our blog, send us an email.  We are always interested in guest contributions, whether by authors, bloggers, or whomever.  We are particularly interested in giving authors a space to ramble about their love of genre, but we won’t say no to pretty much anyone who wants to contribute.
  • The only rules we have about guest posts is that they are genre-related and do not follow the “how to write” format.  While some of our listeners are certainly writers, we have a sense that most of them are interested in discussions about SF/F/H (broadly speaking).  With that in mind, we’re interested in seeing reviews of books, TV shows, and movies, rants or discussions about genre, contributions to our numerous features (? of the Week, A Book By Its Cover, etc.), and so on.
  • Please note that we are not against serious discussions.  While it is true that we often try to be humorous on our show, we also like a healthy balance between serious and humorous.  If you don’t believe us, listen to our interviews with Tobias S. Buckell, Lauren Beukes, and Lavie Tidhar (among others).
  • If you have an idea, email us.

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