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Torture Cinema Poll: Pick Our March 2014 Flick!

13 Mar

A slight change to the way we do polls:  you can now pick your top three, and the polls will now include 10 entries from our very long list.  This should make things interesting!

You know the drill.  VOTE!

Torture Cinema Poll: January Torture (You Decide)

10 Jan

You know the drill!  Vote away:

(Note:  these films are randomized from our long list of Torture Films.  If you’d like to suggest something to add to our list, feel free to do so in the comments!)

Torture Cinema Poll: 2013 Christmas Special! (You Decide)

3 Nov

You know the drill.  VOTE!

Torture Cinema Poll: November Torture (You Decide)

29 Sep

It’s that time again!  You know the drill.  Vote!

Torture Cinema Poll: The Halloween Special (You Decide!)

11 Sep

We’re getting close to recording our Halloween Special episode of Torture Cinema, which means we have to pick a movie!  You know the drill.  Vote!


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